Established in 2003, Bonnie Lorenzen has been involved in raising Pinto American Saddlebred horses in Frederick, Maryland.   Bonnie's determination started a long time ago when she went searching on the internet for the best bloodlines for the Pinto American Saddlebred.  She found a breeder in Wisconsin we all recognize..."Miles Stables" owned by Audrey Miles.  Bonnie purchased her 1st stallion (Razz's Special Effects") from Miles Stables and purchased all of her breeding stock from Miles Stables for her breeding program.  Audrey started her breeding business raising solid color American Saddlebreds for many years .  Later she  purchased Winter Carnival from Michelle McFarland of Scripps Miramar Ranch in California. Audrey realized that she loved  Pintos so much so she changed her breeding program from solid color saddlebreds to Pintos saddlebreds. 

All of our horses have Champion bloodlines including Supreme Sultan, Chubasco, Winter Carnival,  CH Wing Commander, Cappuccino Royale,  Newtown, The Color Of Fame.  We sell World Class American Saddlebred horses for the serious horse enthusiast. Our breeding program is Select and we breed in small doses.   Our saddlebreds are superior, with  great minds and stunning confirmations.   We raise  Top Quality Pinto American Saddlebreds  for Show and Pleasure.   Owning an American Saddlebred Horse is not just owning a Horse, its owning a Lifetime companion.

We understand how important it is to know about your future purchase. When you purchase a horse from our farm all information about each perspective horse will be available. We believe in making our customers Happy and Satisfied. 

We also have Shipped Semen  available from CAMELOT A SPOTZ  at Select Breeders.  Please review our prodigy page to see what this Stunner produces.    

Our production team of mares  produce nothing but the BEST in the American Saddlebred World.  Our 1st Mare purchased for our breeding program was "WinRidge Bold N Beautiful" Review our mares page and read about this Beauty!!    All of her foals sell Quick!!   

Our 2nd Mare purchased was "Spotz Majestic Princess.”  She has one heck of a dispositon, Super Sweet,  Elegant trot and tons of Motion.  Her prodigy she produces has her incredible disposition and they are Champions in the Show ring. Please review our Prodigy page and see what this gorgeous mare produces. 

Our horses are trained by Bonnie Lorenzen a Certified Richard Shrake trainer.  Bonnie has been riding horses since she was 8 years old.    She is a Natural and she reads  the horses language.

If you have any questions about any of our Sale horses or would like to schedule a breeding with our Stallion "Camelot A Spotz"  give us a call or send an email.  Thank you!


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